When faced with an emergency situation it is important to have some safety gear. That’s why we at EmergencyAndSurvivalSupplies.com offer a huge range of products to help you deal with emergencies. With our range of emergency and survival supplies, you’ll be able to keep yourself a whole lot safer in any situation. Whether you need some excellent survival lights to use in an emergency or want to store some Wise emergency food buckets to use after a disaster, we have great items to help you. To start with there are many basic survival tools and equipment that a person should keep on hand just in case something bad were to happen.

Waterproof Matches - These matches will work even if somehow they were submerged in water. When regular matches get wet they are ruined, which is why you want these instead.

Hiking Tarp - This tarp can be used to help provide shelter from the weather conditions as well as collect water to drink.

Pocket Knife/ Blade - Knives are very important. They can be used to cut through items and can be used to cut food. In the worst case, a knife can be used for protection.

Salt - Even regular table salt can be used to help clean out wounds. It can also be used to help cure meat.

As you browse through the category pages of our site you'll come across many more things that can be a big help in emergency and survival situations. You’ll be able to find exceptional survival shelters perfect to keep at home or take hiking with you. There are also some different types of survival seeds that will be crucial for lasting through a long term emergency. We also offer great items like an emergency tube tent that may be crucial to keeping you safe.


Our great selection of emergency tools and products will be sure to make it so that spending time outdoors or surviving through a disaster goes a whole lot more smoothly. When something goes wrong, it is great to be able to have everything from an emergency bivvy bag to sleep in to some emergency medical kits to use when dealing with an injury. Take a look at our selection today.

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